Len Hutton Memorial ANZAC Match

Len Hutton Memorial ANZAC Match
Published on:
26 April 2024

Len Hutton Memorial ANZAC Match

This Saturday will see Tyntynder host Lake Boga in a special ANZAC match, as Lake Boga are the current holders of the ANZAC Trophy. Due to the innate significance of the two teams playing, the match will be renamed to the “Len Hutton Memorial ANZAC Match” to mark Len’s honour, commitment and dedication to his club, Tyntynder and his local community of Lake Boga and Swan Hill. It is set to be a huge day for all teams with the feature games in both Seniors & A Grade.


One of the lesser-known war memorials in the Swan Hill region is the Commonwealth War Graves at the Lake Boga Cemetery. It is well recognised that No 1 Flying Boat Repair Depot was established on the shores of the lake in 1942, now commemorated by the museum, but the war graves are significant in themselves. For therein lies those who lost their lives while serving at Lake Boga.


Leonard Hutton was born 1/12/1919 in Tasmania and as a child shifted to Lang Lang, Victoria, with parents Leslie James and Anne Muriel Hutton, and sister Verle.

Len was tall for his age (6’1½” on enlisting) and at the age of 14 was playing seniors cricket and also playing football.

In 1938 Len enlisted with the Militia and in December of the same year was allocated to Darwin Mobile Force serving to defend Darwin.

In December of 1940 Len returned to his family in Lang Lang where they celebrated his 21st birthday.

During 1943 Len was commissioned to go to New Guinea with the 2/19 Battalion. Surviving hostilities there, Len returned to Australia to join the permanent military force. He then came to live at Swan Hill as Area Officer responsible for recruiting for the military and was involved in the Lake Boga Flying Boat Repair Depot. Len’s interest in sport continued and he was appointed captain coach of the Tyntynder Football Club and delegate to the Mid Murray Football League.

It was at a game against Nyah that he was playing and is reported to have received knocks to the head, following on from head injuries two weeks earlier. That evening he went home to his wife Elaine and five-month-old daughter Elizabeth, not feeling well. During the night Elaine called on the landlord to assist who called Dr Weaver who then referred him to hospital. Later the next morning Len passed away.

Len was given a military funeral and buried at the Lake Boga War Graves Cemetery.

Following Len’s death an appeal was held and over £200 was raised for Mrs Hutton.

Mrs Hutton and Elizabeth went to live near her parents at Five Dock in NSW.

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